Like most people, you may want a whiter, brighter smile. After all, a smile affects your relationships, and has a lasting impression on your self-image. When your smile is bright and beautiful, you are more likely to use it. For many patients, creating a smile that makes you feel more confident, is simply a matter of getting their teeth whitened!

Take Home Whitening System is the most popular approach for the reason that it is more affordable and allows you to whiten your teeth at your convenience—in a safe, effective, and personalized way. This utilizes a custom-made tray and prescription strength whitening gels that you will use every day. Some patients notice results in less than 2 weeks.

In-Office Power Whitening System gives you brighter smile in just one visit. This system utilizes a higher strength whitening gel and the use of a powerful Activation light to enhance the gel’s effects. Results are visible in 60 minutes or less. To prevent sensitivity issues, the system also features a desensitizing enhancer with fluoride.